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Texel Portal – 30 sec scanning, 1 min data processing, 2 mins to generate an accessible high quality 3D model. Fully automatic to prepare models for 3D printing. Fast, Easy To Use and High Quality !



Texel, Inc. is a software developer and manufacturer of professional 3D scanners for acquiring 3D models of people and large objects.

Portal is a patented solution, designed for color scanning of large objects or people.

  • Complete automation of all processes
  • Instant visualization of scan results
  • Easy to transport and assemble
  • Unmatched stability
  • Operational efficiency
  • Predictability of key business processes
  • Ideal value for money
  • Patented software
  • Certified


Technical Specification

3D scanner dimensions d = 2250 mm, h = 2480 mm
Scannable area d = 1200 mm, h = 2200 mm
Scan time 20 sec.
Time to prepare models for viewing 1 min.
Time to prepare models for 3D printing 2 min.
Capacity 17–40 people/hr
Rotational speed of frame 0.05 rpm/sec.
Power consumption of the 3D scanner together with a computer 600–700 Watt
3D model formats OBJ, VRML, PLY, STL, AVT
Detailed texture of 3D models 1 mm
Number of polygons 1 mln





3D printing of human figurines

Great value for money – Texel Portal is the only 3D scanner in the world that makes selling 3D human figures profitable.

Texel Portal allows you to fully automate the scanning process, building and visualization of 3D models, generation and monetization of digital content, and preparation for 3D printing.

Texel Portal 3D scanner  allows you to produce and sell hundreds of high quality personalized miniature figures of people each month.

3D Photo

Franchise Program – Asia

Franchise Program

Texel is exploring the development in Asia. If you are interested in a brand new business opportunity, we encourage you to submit a proposal in the following form.

Advantages – Join Texel 

  1. The most advanced 3D scanning technology and instrument
  2. The only existing real-time and high-quality automatic 3D data processing technology in the market
  3. A huge international networking and support

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3D Printing Service

Texel cooperates with Hong Kong’s leading 3D printing technology companies – Mings 3D and ThingzCube, offering one-stop professional services including 3D printing, CNC cutting, appearance / structure of 3D modeling, 3D scanning and professional finishing.

Mings 3D Production Ltd – Hong Kong professional 3D printer providers. Brand carried: Mcor, Zortrax and Zeus

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